Navy Federal Bank Routing Numer
Navy Federal Bank

Sending and receiving money? If so, then you need to know the exact numbers for a successful transaction. Your Navy Federal routing number is one of the numbers you need for a successful transfer within the U.S.

The initial concept of the Navy Federal Bank was to provide special services to Navy service members. It is known as one of the largest credit unions in the United States, specifically with the focus on those in the Navy.

The status of the credit union not only applies to those in the Navy, but now extends to all military personnel. You can open an account if you are in the Air Force, Army, Marine Corp or in the Department of Defense.

It is also possible to open an account at any stage of being in the military, such as in active duty or as a veteran / retired.

What Are the Navy Federal Routing Number?

Navy Federal
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The Navy Federal routing number that you need is for transactions. If you need to send or receive money, then you need to know the exact location and get the right amount of money sent to your account.

This is assigned as your personal number when you open the account and is maintained throughout the history of your account.

The Navy Federal routing number is available as a general number based on State. If you can’t find your number, then it is possible to visit the Navy Federal website and find your location. You can use this as a guide to get the right number and find the exact information needed.

Steps to Find Your Navy Federal Routing Number

  • Step 1: Tap Into Your Account.

You will find your routing number inside your checkbook or online. This easy access allows you to always have your Navy Federal routing number available.

  • Step 2: Look for the Right Numbers.

One number on your account is your account number, a unique identification number that helps you to keep track of your personal amount of information. The other is the routing number.

The location to find on your checkbook:

–  1st set of numbers on the bottom of the check

–  A series of 9 digits

Navy Federal Routing Number
Navy Federal Routing Number
  • Step 3: Look Outside of Your Checkbook.

If you aren’t certain that this is the right number, then you can also ask the Navy Federal for your routing number. If you are located next to a military base, then they can provide you with the information based on where you opened your account. You can also call 1-888-842-6328 to find the same information. It is also possible to visit the Navy Federal website to find the official number.

Types of Wire Transfers You Can Make with a Navy Federal Routing Number

  • The special conditions of the Navy Federal credit union have also led to different types of transfers available.
  • You can send or receive any wire transfers from the United States with only your routing number, giving complete access to the number you need.
  • However, the Navy Federal routing number is not able to make international transfers. This is because they don’t have a registered SWIFT code.

Need to make a transfer overseas?

You will need to tell the financial institution that is sending the money to use a corresponding bank to transfer money to your account, allowing the money to then transfer into a U.S. currency.

With this information, you will easily be able to send and receive money. If you are a part of the military, then working with the Navy Federal routing number for a wire transfer assists with sending and receiving money quickly.

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